Designing and producing a new look

One of my most recent projects has been to provide a local charity for adults with learning disabilities with a new brand style.

Developing a new logo using their chosen name 'Reach' meant exploring solutions and the charity sector to produce a logo that was clear and simple and yet would have considerable stand out. The final solution, as seen here, makes use of a strong orange colour providing a powerful identifying mark with the extender on the letter 'h' being used as a device to represent the name and the ambitions of the charity and the adults that attend their activities.

The brand was then rolled out across a range of items. A new website was top of the list, the site incorporated photos art directed by me with a local photographer to create impact and a sense of professionalism. The website also includes a donation mechanism enabling the charity to take donations from the website via their payment gateway. Take a look at the website by clicking on the client name above.

Other items have been designed and produced as you can see in these examples. From promotional leaflets to pull up banners, t-shirts and stationery the charity now has a suite of materials that will help promote their fantastic work to a UK wide audience.

Take a look at the Reach Learning Disability website