Designing and producing my own brand

Following my move to Australia from the UK and the closure of the business that I ran there for over 8 years I needed to develop a personal brand that would provide me with the tools to encourage new business opportunities down under.

Using my surname 'Page' I produced a logo that is masculine and bold without being heavy and overbearing.

Making use of a simple palette of yellow, grey, white and black I developed a number of items to help with self promotion.

The business cards shown here have a subtle fold added to the corner allowing the recipient to turn the corner over to reveal a yellow corner flash on the front. An interactive element designed to initiate conversation. As well as this the cards have a velvet laminate on the yellow side to provide a tactile difference between the two sides, again to provide the recipient with an item that feels interesting and stands out from the competition.

This website is still being developed and content being added but essentially it provides a stripped back platform to allow my portfolio of work to stand out.